Elephant Mandela Style Printed Hippie Tapestry


Elephant Jaipur Style Printed Hippie Tapestry 100% Cotton power-loomed can be used as Bedspreads,table cover,wall hanging etc. Imported. Made in India. Please note: No two are alike, so colors and designs may vary somewhat.

Decorating with hippie tapestries to cover or expand an ordinary wall will add texture and dimension to your groovy pad . Hippie tapestries can shape and define an ordinary wall; telling a story, creating a focal point... all while showing off your rad personality.  You can even put your hippie tapestry on the ceiling, use it for curtains or to drape over your furniture. Choosing to decorate with hippie tapestries will enrich and add color to your pad giving it distinct character and charm. Hippie tapestries aren't just for your pad though, use them as a beach sheet or as a blanket for your next festival etc!