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Sun Moon Star in brass with beads and miniature brass bells - 21 inches long. Imported. Made in India.

Bells are an important part of daily life in India. In rural areas, bells are not a luxury but a necessity. They are often used on the neck, as garland, on the beautifully decorated elephants during gay and colorful procession. These bells add to the festive pageantry. Bells are also places around the neck of horses, so as the horse trots they give a sweet sound, as they warn pedestrians the horse is near. Bells are also worn around the necks of camels to inspire the camels to endure the burning heat of the desert. Bells are also attached to goat skins filled with water that is delivered to the people homes in India; the bells signal that the water has arrived. Lastly, bells are used for festive celebrations such as weddings. Often scared vows are recited while the wind blows against the bells. The bells are also often rang while the bride and groom take their oaths.
Use these bells in your own far out, modern hippie, funky way and you too..... will find that these bells are not a luxury but a necessity!